New look!

8:59pm 14th August 2008

So, over 4 years after starting, has a new look! I'm going through and cleaning up the markup, fixing little minor semantic errors here and there as well as re-writing the whole look and feel of the site. I have decided to go for a dark base rather than a light base, for no real reason other than I though it'd look nice. And it does! At least in my own not-so-humble opinion.

I'm going to keep on working on it, so watch this space! Naz out.


5:11pm 2nd May 2007

Some of you may not have heard me talking about CouchSurfing. If that is the case, then go there now and check out the site. Those of you who have not been under a rock for the last 6 months, I have been invited to join the development team. Today I received my SVN access credentials as well as access to the back end goodies so I can acquire and build a local copy of the CouchSurfing system that I can hack up.

To the CoushSurfing developers: Thanks for inviting me onto the team. I hope I am able to give as much as I am sure I will gain from working with you.

In other news, the web site redesign is coming along nicely. Those of you who read this regularly (who am I kidding?) should see that the layout is far nicer now. What you can't see is the huge amount of work that's gone into the back end code, most notably, I've cleaned up both the markup and the CSS, modularizing the markup and breaking the CSS up into separate sections. The markup has been greatly improved, and is now far more semantically valid than it was before as opposed to just syntactically valid. The upshot of all of this is that the entire site is now themeable. By swapping out the CSS files, I can change the entire look and feel of the site without touching the markup. What's more, the themes, which comprise of some CSS files and images, can be uploaded and stored right in the database, meaning I can save multiple themes and switch between them on the fly. I've also gotten the comments working as well as the user access level handlers so comments should work as well as the rules set for them.

I'm getting a makeover!

5:46pm 27th April 2007
Tags: twerl

Well, my web site is anyway. I finally fixed the journal functions. That's why I haven't posted in so long, because I was tinkering with the code and broke it, and didn't bother fixing it until now.

I've decided that the original layout is not going to work, as it is too inflexible for a blog/gallery site. So I've decided to relocate the menu to a menu bar just below the header (as you can already see) and lose the nested menu on the left. Yeap, it's going to go.

The reason for this is that it will allow me to use the entire space below and remove design restrictions on the overall content layout. One drawback is that it will mean that I will have to take extra care when designing each section to ensure that navigation remains intuitive. However, being the interface design guru that I am, I am confident that whatever I do will be intuitive and easy to use.