3:28am 3rd March 2006
It's done. On the 1st of March I went to Vimy House in Kew, Melbourne, and had my knee operated on. Apparently it was a very complex injury, but the Doc fixed it all up and now it's in a bandage. It hurts like hell, but at least now it's on the mend. I'll be bedridden for a few weeks, so you'll probably see me updating this alot more often in the coming month or so. I went under general anaesthesia which was a bit of an experience. All I remember is talking to the nurse, then a slight dizziness, and then being in the recovery ward with a bandage on my knee. No dreaming or anything, it was as though I just blinked. I have a photo of my dad airing out the wound for those of you who dont mind the sight of blood there's a picture here and another clearer one here. Enjoy!