Around the world in 18 days

12:20am 5th July 2007

Well I'm back home, finally. After perhaps clicking up the most number of miles in a single trip ever, I arrived home to a welcoming family and much relieved mother.

It's been a great trip, I've met some interesting people and discovered many wonderful new things. I've gotten involved in the CouchSurfing project, and spent a night out in Zürich getting to know the Swiss locals. I've been the see the famous Bridge on the RIver Kwai in Thailand, and patted an enormous Tiger. I've been to a music festival in The Hague where I met some fellow Aussies. All in all, I've done heaps this trip.

It occurred to me that I parted company with Rap in Bangkok airport on the 16th of June, and arrived in Melbourne on the 4th of July. In that time, I'd left Bangkok, flown to Frankfurt, taken a train to Rotterdam, taken a bus and train to Amsterdam, flown to Basel, taken a train to Zürich and then back to Basel, another train back to Frankfurt, flown back to Bangkok and then finally flown to Melbourne. So, I can say that I really have been around the world in 18 days. Well, except for the Americas, they're still on the list of places to go.