Home sweet home, and Happy Ramadan رمضان كريم

1:04am 13th September 2007

Well I'm finally back in Melbourne. Before I tell you about my flight let me just wish all my fellow Muslims (and everyone else!) Ramadan Karim! Today is the first day of fasting. This morning my family got up and had the traditional suhur breakfast. Today, while at the shopping center buying the new BioShock game and picking up my new cards from the bank, I bought a sushi pack and ate it, forgetting that I was supposed to be fasting. Oops!

So yea, I'm back in Melbourne. The flight back was OK, Lan Chile is actually quite a well serviced and well equipped airline. The entertainment systems are very good and the quality of the food and drinks are amazing. If I didn't know better I'd have sworn that they squeezed the orange juice right there are 36,000 feet. Unfortunately however, I had a nasty flu. I just discovered how much worse a raspy cough and sore throat are in the cold, dehumidified air of an aircraft cabin. Not fun. In addition I had a fever, so I went between freezing and sweating like a pig. Having not had a shower since I left Rio, by the time I got to the 10th hour in the air I smelled like a wet donkey. By the time I got home I'd been over 48 hours since showering, and my Mum didn't want to give me a hug due to the overwhelming odor emanating from me.

Anyway, so I arrived home and my Platinum Amex and MasterCard have arrived. I really am not a fan of credit cards, especially pretentious ones for old guys who use them the way teenagers use big cars, I.e., as penis compensators. However, these ones come with free unlimited travel insurance, which for me, more than makes up for the extra annual fees, and is the reason I took the deal up when the bank offered it to me.

Well I better get done, I have to install BioShock and write a review of it, because there aren't enough of those going around already. Good luck everyone and I hope to see you all soon! Take care!

The Waiting Game

2:51am 31st May 2007

So I arrived in Bangkok airport a few hours ago. My flight came in at 7am, and Rap's is due in at mid day, so I have a bit of a wait. Plenty of time to find and internet cafe, check the email, read Slashdot, write this journal entry and lots of other really geeky things.

The flight was pretty good. The guy at the check in counter at Tullamarine was nice enough to move two blocked seats next to me so that I had the whole row to myself, allowing me to sleep. I didn't think I'd be able to, but after watching 20 minutes of the cinematic garbage can that is the movie Aragorn I was out like a light. I woke up 15 minutes before landing, which is fantastic.

I'm going to be here for about 2 weeks until I fly on to Rotterdam for the CouchSurfing collective, which I am really looking forward to. It should be a great opportunity to meet some great people. I will be flying in to Frankfurt, and from there taking a train to Rotterdam, so it'll be a bit of a Eurotrip really. While I'm here, I'm hoping to be able to do the next two units on my PADI course, as that will take me all the way to Divemaster! It'd be great to go home with a Divemaster cert, as then I can do some really nice extra things I am currently not qualified to do, such as wrestle sharks with my bare hands and hunt giant squid with a bowie knife between my teeth. Well, maybe.

So that's about all the waffling I can do from an internet kiosk, so rather than continue rambling on I think I'll go now. Bye.