Long overdue update

8:58am 8th November 2007

Well it's been a long time since my last entry, I don't have much time to write a whole lot so I'll make this a short summary.

After getting back from Brazil I was just grinding away at the usual work stuff. About a month later my family all left for a holiday in Bali and Thailand. I took my parents around Thailand which they loved, and then in Bali I took everyone on a scuba diving trip. All in all, the family holiday worked out as a roaring success, everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly and we've pretty much decided to do it again in January.

Since they left about a week ago, I've been travelling around Thailand with Rap going to places we haven't been to before and generally being travel bums. We've been to a small town called Chaiyaphum, which was quite nice. Nobody there spoke English, and we were given frequent curious looks by locals wondering what a couple of farangs were doing so far from the usual tourist trail. We just smiled back, said a quick "sawasdee kaap" obviously with funny accents as they usually giggled when we said it.

We've also been to Krabi. I've spent a day there and in Ao Nang checking out its suitability for the upcoming CouchSurfing Collective. From what I see, we won't have any issues. Internet access appears to be easy to source, with ADSL being available throughout the town and surrounding area, there's plenty of shopping (although I didn't see any of the large bargain markets like the ones in Bangkok and other major tourist spots) and finding things to do will be no trouble at all with rock climbing, scuba diving, jet skiing and a bunch of other cool things being very close and affordably priced. The local infrastructure is not as developed as in larger towns such as Phuket, Pattaya or Korat, but it's developed enough that I don't see us running into any problems with taking care of the collective's needs.

I'm really looking forward to the CouchSurfing Collective, it'll be great to be staying and working with a group of amazing people and I think that it will be of great benefit both to the individuals involved as well as for CouchSurfing as a community endeavour.