Toys, Travels and Table dancing

12:00pm 24th May 2007

So it's been an eventful last couple of weeks. I've been unable to really throw myself at the CouchSurfing project due to the many work tasks I have. Sorry about that guys!

So I was up in Sydney the other day, catching up with friends, family and some business colleagues. I was talking to one of my fellow TeleChoice franchisees, and without divulging any confidential information, I can say that I was quite distressed by the things he shared with me. You know who you are, if you need anything at all, consider me available, you know how to contact me.

Other than that though, it was a rather enjoyable trip. I stayed at Lamrock Lodge. It looks good on the web site, but it was the most roach infested dodgy excuse for a lodge I've ever stayed at. When I arrived there, I was greeted with a bunch of 40-something men sitting at the entrance smoking enormous amounts of pot. The guy at the front desk was a scary looking bald guy with an eastern European accent. Had it not been 9pm and had I not been exhausted, I would have packed my stuff back into the rental car and hightailed it out of there.

While visiting a friend who works in one of the shopping centers, I was passed by those card hander outerers who hand out those promo cards. I just took a few and stuffed them into my pocket without looking, where they stayed until I got home. My Mum, when cleaning my jeans, took them out and left them on my bedside table. Only when I saw them there did I realize they were promo cards for the Mardi Gras organizers' table dancing event. Great. Now my Mum thinks I was in Sydney availing myself of the extensive smut on offer in Sydney.

When I got back, I decided to start getting gear together for my upcoming trip to Thailand for the next phase in my career as a SCUBA dive instructor. I am going to be there for about 2 weeks, which should be enough for me to do the Emergency First Response course as well as the Divemaster course. Making it to divemaster would be great! To make this more fun, I've bought myself some new toys. A Fuji E900 along with a heavy duty Ikelite underwater housing rated to 60m depth, as well as a Princeton Tec Miniwave LED dive light. The dive light is amazing, it's a pistol grip light that takes 4 C-cell batteries. It's very compact, yet the beam it throws out is amazing. I also have 2 Underwater Kinetics Q40 eLED lights as backups.

So I think that covers my travails for the last few weeks for those of you who have been interested in what's going on in the world of the Big Bad Naz. Ok, I'm really not a big guy, and I'm not that bad either. I know I've become the most neglectful friend ever, and I ask you all to forgive me. That's assuming you even remember who I am and bother reading this any more! Until next time my dearest of dear people, take care out there and bye for now!


5:11pm 2nd May 2007

Some of you may not have heard me talking about CouchSurfing. If that is the case, then go there now and check out the site. Those of you who have not been under a rock for the last 6 months, I have been invited to join the development team. Today I received my SVN access credentials as well as access to the back end goodies so I can acquire and build a local copy of the CouchSurfing system that I can hack up.

To the CoushSurfing developers: Thanks for inviting me onto the team. I hope I am able to give as much as I am sure I will gain from working with you.

In other news, the web site redesign is coming along nicely. Those of you who read this regularly (who am I kidding?) should see that the layout is far nicer now. What you can't see is the huge amount of work that's gone into the back end code, most notably, I've cleaned up both the markup and the CSS, modularizing the markup and breaking the CSS up into separate sections. The markup has been greatly improved, and is now far more semantically valid than it was before as opposed to just syntactically valid. The upshot of all of this is that the entire site is now themeable. By swapping out the CSS files, I can change the entire look and feel of the site without touching the markup. What's more, the themes, which comprise of some CSS files and images, can be uploaded and stored right in the database, meaning I can save multiple themes and switch between them on the fly. I've also gotten the comments working as well as the user access level handlers so comments should work as well as the rules set for them.