12:32am 22nd January 2007

So I finally got some diving in, and what a day we had. I saw the new wreck here, the HTMS Koot, scuttled by the Thai navy a few months ago. It's so new that few fish have moved in yet and there's not a lot of build up on the hull or superstructure. There's a gap under the keel and the sea bed which I squeezed under. I wrote my name on the underside of the hull there, given that current is unlikely to disturb there, it should stay there for years. I'll check it when I'm here next.

We also saw what I think was an albino stonefish. I thought it was a sick puffer fish and almost grabbed it. Good thing I didn't, as stonefish venom is amongst the most toxic in the world. I also spotted a baby white eyed moral eel, which was a good find. I've always liked the morays, despite the damage they can do to a diver if disturbed. The highlight of the day was riding a tutle. I know you're not supposed to mess with them, but I just slowly swum up behind it and held onto the back tip of its shell while it wandered the coral gardens looking for food. It didn't seem too alarmed by my presence.

I'm hoping to get one more day of diving in tomorrow. I'm planning to get back here in April if that's possible to go on one of the Similan live aboard cruises. Out of PJs and into wetsuit sounds like the kind of life I could get used to! That's about all from this update in the life of Naz, so until next time, peace out peeps.

Ear infection @ 6am

12:48am 17th January 2007
So I've been here for 2 weeks now, and not a single day diving. Not one. Nada. Nothing. A few days after I got here, I caught a mild throat infection which spread into my sinus and ears. Nothing major, but ear infections can be dangerous when diving as they make it very difficult to equalize. Worse yet, the infection may mask a pressure differential in the tympanum cavity making the diver unaware of a need to equalize. The first indication he will have of it will be a eustachian tube filling with blood, at which point it will be too late. Now I've heard that a eustachian tube full of blood isn't all that it's hyped up to be, so I decided to skip it and not dive.

So we've been going out to bars listening to music and generally taking in the sights and sounds until the early hours. Things close at about 2am here so we usually head to a pool bar or 24 hour restaurant to just hang out and chat. Then we sleep until about 4pm, get up, do some shopping or generally wander about. Wash, rinse and repeat. So yes, it's been quite uneventful, but also quite relaxing. We've been to a few of the gyms here, some of them are quite nice. There's one that has a rock climbing section as well as Muay Thai instructors. I did a one hour session with a Muay Thai instructor who taught me a few things and also thwacked me in the back of the head because I kept dropping my guard. I didn't do it again after that. I think I'm going to take up a martial art when I get back, not sure which one though.

So I think I'm going to be heading back home around the 20th. Rap and Mozza area leaving on the night of the 19th so I'll probably head out about the same time. Get ready Australia, Mr Naz will be back soon!


7:55pm 2nd January 2007
I made it. Pattaya. Our friend at the hotel, Mr Suwanpon, said that seeing as it was 2am when I arrived, it would be better for me to leave my bags in reception for a few hours and come back at 5am. That way he could tell his manager I arrived after 5am and I wouldn't pay for that day. So, like the true computer geek that I am, I came straight to the Internet cafe to blog about it. Sad, sad sad. I need help, you guys really should be doing something about my addiction.

Anyway things here haven't really changed, I took a walk up to the pool bar we usually play pool at when we're bored at 4am only to find that they have revamped it. The pool tables have been resurfaced and the place has been made a little more upmarket. Nice. Tomorrow, if I can get up in time (which I doubt) I'm going to head to Seafari and see if I can barter the new web site I did for them in exchange for lots and lots of free dive time. I'll keep you all posted. Until tomorrow morning peeps, take care.

Back in Changi

11:48am 2nd January 2007
Well here I am, back in Changi Airport. The sleep did wonders, I feel much better. Incidentally, the Changi Village deluxe rooms have the absolute best showers in the world. Low pressure high volume. Yes, it uses a lot of water, but hey, I'm on holiday. It was like standing under a waterfall.

So its presently 1950 here, and my flight leaves at 2040. Boarding starts at 2010 so I better get my stuff together and get moving. I'll write again when I get to the hotel in Pattaya. I hope I can sleep tonight, although I doubt it. I want to be up by 6am so I can get to the dive shop early and hopefully get some diving in tomorrow. Here's to hoping! Naz out.

Singapore blues

1:16am 2nd January 2007
Well I've touched down safely in Singapore. I'm staying at a stopover hotel, the Changi Village. I booked a room at the airport, but there was a mix up, when I got here it had somehow been given to another guest. So the lady behind the counter apologised profusely, and then explained that I would have to make do with a deluxe suite instead. After much consideration I decided that this would be satisfactory.

Presently it is 0915. I fly out at 2040. I have to be at the airport at about 1830. That gives me until about 1600 to sleep, leaving me 2 hours to shower, shave and get downstairs to the shuttle desk by 1745. Shuttles leave here every hour on the hour to the airport, free of charge. Anyway the king sized bed here is looking very enticing right about now, so I'm going to crash for a bit because I desperately need to get some sle...