Cease and desist your conniving!

3:14pm 24th December 2006

There comes a point in every young man's life when he passes into manhood. When that time has come, he will be able to face the trials of life as a grown man instead of as a boy. That time has come for me. I have just, for the very first time in my life, been sued. Well not really, but I've received a take down letter for TMS. That's right folks, those of you who have been following my work for the last few years will know that TMS is the (non-AJAX!) web based application that I (and now 20 other franchisees with me) use to manage my business in the absence of any reasonably efficient system from our franchisor.

I can't disclose many details here, but I just wanted to share this momentous occasion with you all, so you can bask in the joy that I feel now that I can finally say that I am no longer chaste, for I have dealt with a lawyer. Well that's not even true, the letter I received wasn't even drafted by a proper lawyer, just the paper-pushing clerk that handles the company conveyancing, but it's a start. The letter was signed off as being from "Corporate Counsel" so she's at least an aspiring blood sucker. Things should get more interesting if they ever do hire a real lawyer, though. I'll keep you all posted.

So things here should be quite exciting over the coming months, I am in the process of adding an RSS feed so you can all more easily stay up to date with the happenings over here. Just so you all know, I am still in South Africa, it looks like I'll be here for another week or so at which point I will be heading over to Thailand for a few weeks to get another unit or two of scuba training under my belt as well as some serious dive hours. I want to make instructor by the end of 2007, but we'll see how things go. In the meantime let me wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous 2007! Love you all lots, Naz out.