My second CouchSurfing experience!

3:10pm 29th November 2006

A few days I met up with another couchsurfer, Lineke, at a cafe called Cats Pyjamas. I met her and 3 of her friends there, and we had a snack and coffee and it was very pleasant. She and her friends were happy to spend the evening chatting with me and teaching me all kinds of swear words in Afrikaans.

Lineke has the coolest old school VW bug I ever! It even has swivel windows and an engine that putt-putts when it goes uphill. I want it! Lineke don't sell it before I come back to buy it from you!

This is the second cool person I have met from CouchSurfing and I think it is safe to say that it is a great way to meet people. I recommend it to everyone! Thanks Lineke, Xanthe, Roux and Yeben for a great evening and I hope to catch up with you guys again soon! Naz out.

My first CouchSurfing experience!

10:59am 15th November 2006

CouchSurfing is the coolest thing ever! I discovered it the other day. It's essentially a network of travellers who don't mind allowing other travellers to sleep on their couches or in their spare rooms. You register on the website and enter in your profile, what city you live in and if you are willing to have people stay at your house. Then they contact you, exchange a few emails to get to know you, and if you are comfortable with each other and have spare space, you can invite them to stay at your place. It's a great way to meet people and travel the world on a shoestring budget.

So I registered, you can see my profile on the site, and yesterday I met my very first couchsurfing buddy, Phia, here in Johannesburg. She and her friend Heidi picked me up from Mayfair and took me around the city. I met her Mum, Betty, who is about as sweet as you can imagine, made me tea and biscuits and told me some funny stories. They had two dogs, Muffin and Snooker, who were very personable and didn't seem to mind having a crazy Austrlaian invading their territory. After that we went to visit a friend of hers in hospital, did some more driving and then went for a coffee in a chic little shop in Melville where we met another one of her friends by the name of Bettina, who is actually the second Bettina I've met from Germany. Hi Bettina (both of you).

Overall, my CouchSurfing experience was about as positive as could be. I will definitely be travelling this way from now on and I hope to meet many more interesting and exciting people. Thanks Phia, Heidi, Betty and Bettina for an awesome day, I'll definitely keep in touch whenever I'm in Johannesburg.

That's all for now, dear readers, but stay tuned for more wild and whacky adventures!

Coups, cancellations and rearrangements

9:47am 7th November 2006
OK well the TeleChoice national annual conference has been cancelled, it was going to be held in Fiji, but there is some polotical unrest there at the moment, the military is demanding President Qarase's resignation and Qarase is trying to get the military commander, Commodore Bainimarama, sacked. Predictably, they don't seem to be able to agree on either of these. Furthermore, Bainimarama has referred to violence resulting from Qarase's actions.

If that wasn't reason enough, Australia has been accused of interfering with Fijian sovereignty and illegally smuggling weapons into the country to support the government, which runs us afoul of the military. So even were the conference going ahead, I would not want to join a 200 strong group of Austrlian businessmen in Fiji right now.

So instead of going to Fiji, I think I'll be joining my cousins on a trip to Brazil. I've never been, and I hear the beaches are amazing. There's good diving off the coast apparently, with the opportunity to observe some larger pelagic fish such as sharks, large rays and game fish. Woot! I'll be sure to keep you all posted with pics and stories. Watch this space!

South African adventures

5:20pm 3rd November 2006

Well it's been an eventful stay so far. My cousin's wife, her brother and sister in law are currently in court, accused of murder charges. For those of you who are not familiar with this, Google can help, look for "Kadwa murder trial mayfair" and you should get some information returned. I've been to the court a few times, and I must say the trial is quite an interesting, if disturbing, one.

I haven't had much time to meet up with everyone here yet, but I'm getting around to it. If you're from here and you're reading this and I haven't spoken to you please don't think I'm ignoring you. It's just that I just don't have time for you because you're not important enough.

Yes, I've been eating lots of Wonder Why pizzas, lots of biltong and drinking lots of Creme Soda. I'm going to try to bring some cans of Creme Soda back, hopefully a box full of soda cans won't cause customs to think I'm smuggling something in. I remember last time I brought some in they made me open 3 cans up at random, and after testing them I had to drink them all. Damn fools.

I haven't managed to get time to go to Cape Town, I was hoping to go down there to do some scuba diving with great white sharks, obviously in a cage. Oh well, maybe next time. Borge, the state manager for TeleChoice, is here as well, he's from Cape Town, but I didn't get to catch up with him over here either, more's the pity. Well that's it for now. Hopefully when I write again I'll have more interesting things than murder trials to write about. Until then, bye for now.