Ramadan Kareem to all! (رمضان كريم)

5:06am 1st September 2008

Today is the 1st of September, 2008 also known as the first day of Ramadan. It is a month of peace, enlightenment and blessing, and is observed by Muslims around the world as the most sacred of months in the year.

For the next 30 days Muslims around the world will be fasting during the day and engaging in introspection and prayer as much as possible. The first thing that people seem to notice about Ramadan is the fasting that we perform during the day, however Ramadan is not only about fasting. It is a month during which Muslims engage in as much personal examination as possible in an attempt to rid oneself of those undesirable aspects of the self such as greed, envy, laziness and idleness.

I wish everybody, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, a wholehearted Ramadan Kareem رمضان كريم and may this month pass leaving the world a better place for all of Allah's creation.