12:32am 22nd January 2007

So I finally got some diving in, and what a day we had. I saw the new wreck here, the HTMS Koot, scuttled by the Thai navy a few months ago. It's so new that few fish have moved in yet and there's not a lot of build up on the hull or superstructure. There's a gap under the keel and the sea bed which I squeezed under. I wrote my name on the underside of the hull there, given that current is unlikely to disturb there, it should stay there for years. I'll check it when I'm here next.

We also saw what I think was an albino stonefish. I thought it was a sick puffer fish and almost grabbed it. Good thing I didn't, as stonefish venom is amongst the most toxic in the world. I also spotted a baby white eyed moral eel, which was a good find. I've always liked the morays, despite the damage they can do to a diver if disturbed. The highlight of the day was riding a tutle. I know you're not supposed to mess with them, but I just slowly swum up behind it and held onto the back tip of its shell while it wandered the coral gardens looking for food. It didn't seem too alarmed by my presence.

I'm hoping to get one more day of diving in tomorrow. I'm planning to get back here in April if that's possible to go on one of the Similan live aboard cruises. Out of PJs and into wetsuit sounds like the kind of life I could get used to! That's about all from this update in the life of Naz, so until next time, peace out peeps.