Knees and strawberries

11:50am 21st February 2006

Well its finally happened. My knee has given up. The old injury I sustained many years ago while on a hike in the Grampians has finally caught up with me. Since that first injury my knee has always been more sensitive to knocks and jolts, but the other day, after slipping while running down the stairs, my knee finally gave up and I have been limping around like a lame mountain goat ever since. I have been for an MRI which showed all kinds of tendon, ligament and cartilage damage, and I am now reasonably certain that I will need to have surgery on the knee. I'm waiting for the MRI CD to arrive, which will have the actual MRIs, and I will post them to the gallery once I have them and the osteopathic surgeons among you will be able to asses the damage for yourselves.

To make myself feel better about the whole thing I went out for a lunch picnic to Arthur's Seat and Mornington with Sefia and Anastasia. I forgot to take my digicam, but Anastasia and I have been there before, so those of you who read this journal regularly will know what it's like. We also went strawberry picking, which was fun, and the strawberries were much sweeter and tastier, although smaller, than the ones you buy in the supermarket. Yay for genetically modified foods!

Anyway Tomorrow I will be off to see the knee guy. I hope he doesn't tell me I need to amputate my leg. I'll keep you all posted.